Date:March 02, 2016


Movement Essential for Living

When all the advice for pain or recovery (injury, surgical, head trauma) works for others, yet you are still searching…we offer a different perspective.


In addition to professional experience with many aspects of movement and health, our team has personal experience in our own families with:

  • Major medical treatment and late effects: chemo, TBI, auto-immune, rare disease
  • Athletic and recreational injuries causing pain or impacting performance
  • Birth and pregnancy trauma
  • Auto accident trauma
  • Balance and coordination challenges
  • Migraine pain


Being active is essential

Research consistently affirms the role of movement with physical and mental health. Sports injuries, accidents, and cumulative wear and tear on your body result in pain. Pain keeps you from living an active life and enjoying the activities that define you.

Movement also supports efficient vascular, lymphatic, and cerebral spinal fluid flows essential for healthy bodies. These flows of oxygen and nutrients are the ingredients for repair of muscle, skin, circulatory, visceral, and brain tissue. Restoration of your movement supports your overall health and wellbeing.

What do we do?

We assess both basic and complex sport related micro-movements to observe if they are symmetrical, fluent, and sequencing correctly. When we find gaps or incorrect sequences we use Kinetic Bridging® stretches to restore the missing relationships. The work is quick and self-reinforcing. The improvements are integrated into your movement repertoire almost immediately.


How we work together

  • Initial baseline session: We review a detailed history and assess fundamental core coordination and visual-motor skills. If you have a complex medical and injury history, we may recommend an extended time session.
  • Subsequent follow-up appointments: Often 6 weeks to 12 weeks apart, follow-up sessions support continued progress with increasingly complex developmental milestones. Most individuals improve significantly with 3-5 sessions. Only 1-2 sessions are needed for simple injuries like sprains.
  • Traveling from a distance? We will develop a custom scheduling plan to optimize progress relative to your travel schedule.


Youth athletes

Each level of sports demands much more sophisticated integration of physical skill and sensory perception to read the play and respond automatically. Movements must flow without thought, since attention is used in processing the play and game situation. We assess and fine-tune related micro-movements for the best season yet!

Injury prevention strategies as youth athletes grow are invaluable. Physical growth results in changing limb length proportions, which can leave movement awkward, uncoordinated, and/or painful. Knee function for girls is especially susceptible to ACL stress as the Q-angle changes. We assess and fine-tune essential sports related transitions to minimize risk for injury.

Unresolved pain from trauma, illness, or medical intervention
Our focus is making sure basic movement connectivity is correct in addition to specific aspects of your illness, injury, or pain. We typically find key movements transitions are stuck from the injury or related compensation. Resolving these movement transition gaps resolves your pain and coordination concerns.

Sports concussions, traumatic brain injuries (TBI), impactful injuries to the head, chemotherapy treatment, and/or neurological illness can all leave their unique impact on how well the brain and body work together. Different from standard interventions for migraines and TBI focus on the head and brain itself, we focus on the connectivity between the body and head. When the head, neck, and shoulder muscle relationships are restored movement quality, pain levels, and fatigue improve.


Insurance Coverage: Insurance does not usually cover Kinetic Konnections® services. Our clients find our services to be an economical option when they have limited insurance coverage, or when they need a ‘boost to achieve progress goals in other therapies.