• The Who?
    Ages 0-99+. We look at how events of your entire timeline from birth forward impact the foundation of how you currently regulate and move.
  • The What?
    Foundational Movements are so basic you don’t realize they are present. They support posture, breathing, movement, learning and emotions.
  • The Why?
    Life’s events chip away at your ideal function causing pain, restricted movement, or delayed developmental milestone’s
  • The How?
    We quickly re-code the body’s movement repertoire using the most fundamental movements—wiggles, stretches and bounces—to get you back on track.

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Kinetic Bridging

At Kinetic Konnections we use a technique called Kinetic Bridging®. Our Founder, Cara Lindell, developed this engineering-based technique. (The story behind the Bridging℠ technique can be found at https://bridgingtechnique.com/the-story/ ) The human body itself is an engineering marvel. The Bridging technique is focused on the physics principles involving movement and regulation in our bodies. Improving the most foundational of these relationships supports unimaginable changes in all aspects of how we function. The Bridging framework allows individuals facing developmental, physical, mental, and even emotional challenges to move forward and thrive. Life events, even as far back as birth, can collectively chip away at a person's ideal way of regulating and moving. These skewed or broken relationships can cause pain, restrict movement, or delay developmental milestones. Using the Kinetic Bridging technique we restore these foundational relationships that normally develop early on in life. Once restored you are back on track physically and/or developmentally.

Intrigued about how Kinetic Bridging works for you or a loved one? Click here to learn more.

Professionally, how can mastering the technique give you a new tool to help your patients succeed? Click here to learn more.

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