Our Story

What began as a pursuit of helping older adults regain strength and balance has grown to become an innovative way of helping all ages and backgrounds to live better by moving better.

Cara Lindell, Founder, has a formal background in engineering, focused in complex systems analysis and strategic planning. The same problem solving skills applied to human movement led to a different way of analyzing and addressing movement and balance challenges, regardless of age or origin—be it early development, injury or illness.

By using a root cause problem solving methodology, the true movement disconnects are identified. The micro-movement fundamentals are restored in a manner consistent with early child development movement sequences By restoring movements in the order originally learned, the changes are self-reinforcing and lasting. In effect, we reset muscle memory, not re-train it.

Kinetic Bridging®is the name given to the technique used. Bridge is an engineering term meaning to connecting two parts or systems. We find we connect what works to what is not working, forming a bridge of functional movement built on success. Restoration of movement is a bridge to daily function in school, family and community. We provide the bridge for clients to get back to living their lives!

The science of the technique lies in principles of maximal shortened/lengthened muscle groups pairing up with each other when a perturbation is applied. In other words, a stretch with a twist is the key to resetting the muscle memory.

The key references for very early sensory-motor development at the Hawaii Early Learning Profile (HELP) and a compendium of fetal movement research, ‘Fetal Behaviour: A Neurodevelopmental Approach’, Christa Einspeiler, PhD et al.

Workshops are held periodically for professionals to learn the Kinetic Bridging technique. There are two levels—basic understanding, and a more intensive certification.