First Visit?

If you just booked an appointment with one of our specialists, you might be wondering what to expect in your first visit. Remember to bring your completed intake form to your first visit.

Unique Questions

We meet you where you are at in terms of ability and comfort. Knowing many of our clients have been to professional after professional seeking answers to their challenges, we ask unique questions going way back in your history. For all ages, we review a comprehensive summary of your life’s events starting with your birth. From our perspective, often the earliest clues provide the most relevant insight to your present challenges.

Our focus on gathering this information is to determine where to start helping you, and which events in your history are most important.


We observe and photograph postures and positions you should be able to perform, but also the way you prefer to do them. The differences between these present important clues.

For little ones

We use play and observe as well as gently bounce, rock and roll.

For those who can stand

We assess:

  • A visual-motor coordination task
  • Simple standing movements
  • Postural ease and symmetry standing and sitting.
  • Specific passive movements in the core and limbs, as well as how the core and limbs link together.

For those who aren’t mobile or stable

  • We meet you with what you are able to do, and assess more as it is safe to do so. Safety is our priority!
  • When vertigo and balance are a concern, we are mindful of your position to minimize dizziness.

What does a session look like?

We use surprisingly gentle and simple movements to both assess and restore movement relationships (Bridging® technique). Symmetry is an important characteristic to strong foundational movements and we strive to return your core symmetry by the end of the first session.

Wear comfortable clothes (which stay on). But shoes come off so we can keep floors clean; we use the floor as movement space from time to time. We do all the work so you can relax. You won’t be sweating, but you may end up feeling like you had a workout. Your muscles are learning new ways to work together!

Parents should remain present with children and may get asked to help a little so your child feels comfortable.

The best part?

Bridging isn’t a huge burden on your time.
There is no homework. Sincerely.

AND, the tangible results often improve upon themselves in the weeks following the appointment.

Lastly, your next appointment is usually in a matter of weeks or months, not days.