• The Who?
    Ages 0-99+. We look at how events of your entire timeline from birth forward impact the foundation of how you currently regulate and move.
  • The What? Foundational Movements
    so basic you don’t realize they are present. They support posture, breathing, movement, learning and emotions.
  • The Why?
    Life’s events chip away at your ideal function causing pain, restricted movement, or delayed developmental milestone’s
  • The How?
    We quickly re-code the body’s movement repertoire using the most fundamental movements—wiggles, stretches and bounces—to get you back on track.

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Kinetic Bridging

Understanding the way the human machine works leads to a systematic process for determining what is not working well, and how to support it. Hint: It’s often not the squeaky wheel. The Bridging® workshops take you step by step from basic science of the human machine function, ways it gets compromised, and use of the Bridging® technique to restore function