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Your Needs

Starting Moves

Making sure your little one is ready at each of their early stages of development is our passion! Sensory-motor development begins before birth and se

Getting Ready

As Kindergarten time looms, parents are sometimes faced with the reality that our child really isn’t ready. Sometimes it’s the ability to participate

Academic success

Success in Academics There are several key points of transition in the learning process—learning to read, reading to learn, and making inferences from


Growth can lead to anxiety! The transitions from teen to adult are not always so smooth. From middle school student to high school student to college

Sports Performance

Each level of sports demands much more sophisticated integrations of physical skill and sensory perc
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Getting to the root of pain- Whether a sports injury, an accident, or wear and tear, it all can resu
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Brain Trauma

Re-connecting the head and body Sports concussions, traumatic brain injuries (TBI), impactful injuri
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When it’s complicated… You haven’t given up and are still searching for ways to help you lead a more
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Kinetic Bridging

Restoration of micro-movements is what we do to quickly get you moving better. The Kinetic Bridging Technique is how we do it. There are two unique aspects of Kinetic Bridging...


Stability Matters! Physical, emotional and cognitive fluency are the elements that allow us to pursue our life’s goals. Intrinsic neuromuscular stability is the enabling characteristic for these aspects of function


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